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If your hiring situation is helpless, then now is the time to reach out to us. You have tried ads and agencies but there is still no candidate that is the perfect fit for the position. Maybe the resume is outstanding but you have doubts that the personality will work within the team… We will meet with you and go through your requirements in detail. Within 6-8 weeks we will simply find you the right candidate(s).


It all began in 2004 when I met Alena while organising the UEGW congress. With 12,000 participants, it was the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. It was evident as early as then that working with people would be essential for us and that us working together works. Since that experience, I have made a gradual shift to the world of recruitment and Alena has stayed on in the field of events and congresses and even moved to the US for a bit. In the meantime, I met Tomáš when teaching an interpersonal skills class at the University of Economics in 2013. A few years later, we met again and found out that our perception of headhunting is the same. With Alena coming back to the Czech Republic this year, it all clicked.


Our team

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  • Jan Nováček
    The name of our company perfectly conveys its very essence. I surround myself with people I consider to be partners and the same approach is applied to selecting candidates. Our candidates must match the companies professionally as well as in terms of personality. Additionally, they must have the right motivation to do the new job and consider the change as the right step forward in their lives.I have been active in this field for over 10 years as part of large corporations as well as small enterprises and I know what it is like to find your dream job. I have found mine in headhunting.

    Jan Nováček

    Managing partner

  • Alena Sanders
    Personally, I see headhunting as looking for solutions. Listening, understanding and grasping what the client’s precise requirements are. The right candidate is not only a CV in a database, it is a person whom I meet and about whom I can responsibly say: “Yes, that could be him or her.” I am new to the profession but I know why I have opted for it. I have years of experience in managing teams. I have been through the corporate environment as well as state administration. I have assisted in launching and implementing numerous projects. I enjoy envisioning the end solution and putting together the pieces that lead to it. Searching for, finding and opening the doors...

    Alena Sanders

    Project manager

  • Tomáš Kábrt
    I love meeting people who have a desire to change something in their lives. I teach finance mathematics at the University of Economics in Prague. I simultaneously manage a company engaged in accounting, tax and corporate finance advisory. I find pleasure in working with clients for which I can be a partner and who I can assist in searching for optimal solutions. I see headhunting as an incredibly diverse set of activities where, in the end, all parties concerned can benefit from a change for the better.

    Tomáš Kábrt



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The most trusted network, highest standards of professionalism and a driven positive attitude and personality; these are the qualities we leverage when reaching out to possible candidates for our clients

Executive Search

Give us a definition of a specific position and profile and we will find a candidate tailored to your needs. This does not only entail meeting professional requirements: we always strive for the candidate to match the company in terms of personality and to be motivated for the job. We believe that this is the only way cooperation can work.

Candidate Care

We look after our candidates. If you feel you need a change or an offer crops up on the market that is right for you, we will be in touch and help you move forward in your professional life.

Project Management

We will set the entire process for you, from recruitment and on boarding to employee retention. The steps are clearly defined but are highly individual for each client. In essence, this entails harmonising and streamlining communication, resources, methods and processes.


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  • Norbert Meszaros

    General manager (Apcom Czech s.r.o.)

    We have cooperated with Mr Nováček in recruiting staff for a series of job positions over the past years. I most greatly appreciate the level of professionalism with which he conducts principally the head-hunting process. From the general outline of a profile of a suitable future candidate provided by the client he is able to develop a sophisticated model of the process for searching for potentially interesting candidates – ranging from market mapping to ultimately contacting specific persons; I greatly affirm to not having experienced a more effective and successful model in operation before. At present, head-hunting is a bit of a challenge mainly in the IT areas; however, working alongside Mr Nováček substantially enhances the likelihood of your success.

  • Tomáš Drbal

    Technical Director (BTL Medical Technologies)

    When cooperating with Nováček & Partners I am most pleased by their high level of motivation to assist me and truly find the help that I need – they initiate search processes quickly, actively share new information and find the most suitable solutions. Systematic work helps them to achieve great results which is crucial to staking a great reputation within the work market. One of their leading fields of expertise is for technical positions and they do delivery outstanding technical candidates. This is normally a challenge as it requires the ability to translate specific technical requirements of a certain position towards candidates and they certainly excel in this regard!

  • Iva Štylerová


    I knew that our project will be a success from the very first moment I have met with Jan Novacek. Jan is an experienced professional with an excessive network. His positive and diplomatic attitude makes it a pleasure to cooperate with him.

  • Karolína Matějková

    Deputy Finance Director, Constellium France SAS

    What I appreciate the most about Honza Novaček is his professionalism, fairness and reliability. He acts very precisely, is devoted and always pro-active. I enjoy the fast and effective communication, flexibility when negotiating and friendly, trustful and informal approach. The next time I`ll consider a new job opportunity, Honza will definitely be my first contact.

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